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A vision of every woman – her wedding day, brings with it a hoard full of dreams, amalgamated in one day of cheer and celebration. On that very important day, every woman wants to fit into the picture of being the perfect angelic beauty that she had imagined to be, as a young girl. And now walking down the aisle, a pristine white beauty, the bride enjoys being the centre of attention with her precious wedding gown drawing awed looks!

At Soucika, we understand that the piece of fabric which every bride dons on the most special day of her life has to be a marriage of traditions and modernity in itself. That is why our wedding gowns are woven with values and culture, with years of knowledge of fashion trends from India and overseas. Soucika’s fashion studio based in Bangalore customizes outfits that speak about our rich traditions and yet sparkle with glamour. Understanding the complete needs of a grand wedding, Soucika also designs Indian Ethnic Wear, comprising of dramatic sarees with rich embroidery and detailing that speak volumes of the hard work put in by our artisans in designing the perfect garment for every taste. The fashion studio also designs cocktail, party and pub wear to please our young and dynamic customers, who believe in fashion that is to be worn on your sleeve. Customers can pick from our clothing line in this segment or can get their design converted onto paper by Soucika’s designers, who will then implement the design and create your own unique piece of party wear.


India is a country that is making fast strides towards modernity but tradition still rings loud in every celebration in this culture rich potpourri. Western trends, designs and ideas have been influencing Indian style statements in a magnified way. This is why Soucika, with its ringing success in the Middle East, has now chosen to expand its foothold in its home country. Our designs are a smooth blend of western sophistication, upholding the traditions that are native to India and its weddings.


Emerged from remote sections of Kerala, designers with a vision have for long now transformed dreams of beautiful heavenly marriages into a reality. The designs, sequins, embellishments, embroidery and crafts of these designers have made many a bride gush with joy at being dressed to perfection on their joyous marriage day. To make the wedding complete, Soucika also addresses the fashion needs of other important members of the family, without whose blessings no occasion of pomp and glory can be fulfilled. We aspire to transform the bridesmaids and flower girls at a wedding into images of pretty beauties, not overshadowing the bride, in fact accentuating her beauty even more – with more elegance around.

Soucika is a must visit for every bride who wants her wedding dress to reflect her true inner personality and style, while keeping it rich with heritage as she ties the knot and exchanges vows in the oldest form of eternal promise of enduring relationship known to human kind. Our high-end fashion studio in Bangalore’s fast growing commercial hub – Indiranagar takes a bride through a four stage customization process, complete with fashion consultation, dress design on paper and then on fabric and eventual fittings. All this in a very purse friendly way, carved to suit every individual customer.